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What as a club do we need to do?

Simply video the game and then send it to us. Once it has been analysed and uploaded you will receive email notification that you can view it online.

Who should I use this for?

Pro Sports Analysis can be used for any of your teams. Initially, we would expect it to be used for your first team but the choice is yours. Additionally, clubs may choose to use it for their women’s team, reserve teams, or age group sides. It can be used for any teams and prices can be negotiated for sides not playing the same volume of games as your first team.

What if we already use a video analyst?

If you already use a video analyst we can work alongside them by using the online platform so that your staff and players can make the best use of what you already have in place. Please contact us for how we can assist you regarding this.

How quickly will I get my analysis?

We will analyse your game as soon as it is received and your footage will be put in the online platform within 48 hours of the game and before the next training session you have.

Is it secure?

Yes, security of your footage is important to us. All users of Pro Sports Analysis are given a secure log in and asked to choose their own password. If a player leaves your club, once you advise us we will disable their account and any footage will no longer be viewable.

Can you analyse footage from any countries?

Yes, all our work is done via the internet so you only need to video the game, upload it to us and then it can be viewed using the Performance Analysis website anywhere that you have an internet connection.