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Video analysis tools

We use a combination of synergetic video analysis tools, provided by AnalysisPro Ltd, to deliver our service. Video analysis provides our clients a greater understanding of their training and match performances, as we can give them a break down of those videos which will highlight strengths, weaknesses and other performance trends.

Our tools are provided by AnalysisPro Ltd. They provide a variety of different solutions from IP Cameras, to computerised video analysis software, apps and online sharing and review platforms. Importantly, AnalysisPro have affordable and scalable solutions that can benefit teams with different budget levels. To find out more about AnalysisPro and what they can provide, you can visit their website here:

“Working with AnalysisPro is very easy and user friendly. The support team are very quick to respond to any issues and the advice is second to none. That is why we choose to work with them for all we provide.”